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Meet Your Designer

Keisha Croxton

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I love to inspire entrepreneurs to do things they never thought possible.

I began my career at 10 years old. No, literally. I was taking $15 per commission from other kids who mailed me money to create their graphics and websites (super risky, but I was a kid, so…). After years of making tons of online friends I knew design was made for me. 

I attended Central Connecticut State University and graduated in 2014 with a BA in Graphic/Information Design. After graduation, I got involved with the nonprofit AIGA, a professional design association. Of which, I am the current president for the Connecticut Chapter.

I’ve worked for a variety of design firms, landing my first job in New York while I was finishing my undergrad. I decided to return to work in Connecticut because I felt I could do more here to elevate the design community.

Kroxie & Co was started January 2015 with the mission to help other entrepreneurs grow their brand digitally. Kroxie & Co is a reinterpretation of the hustle that I had as kid. This time, I’ll just be making a bigger impact on my community and providing more for those who are OG hustlers like myself.

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