Project Process

Together, we can create amazing experiences.

Keisha laughing and talking with a client

Realizing your vision

I work with a variety of clients who are at different experience levels when it comes to hiring or working with a creative professional. Some of my client have never embarked on a digital design project. 

If that sounds like you, don’t worry! You’re in great hands. 

I’ve outlined my process for a web design project so you get an idea of what to expect when we work together.

When we team up

1. Introduction

Every client project starts with a 15 minute complimentary consultation video call. A video call is a great way for you to get to know me.

On the call we:

  • Review your inquiry submission
  • Discuss key details about your project like budget and timeline
  • And, most importantly, see if we are a good fit for each other

2. Project Setup

After our initial call, I send a follow up email outlining what we discussed. When you’re ready to move forward the project is then set up.

This phase includes:

  • Project contract is sent to you for review and signing
  • Invoice for the deposit is sent to you for payment
  • A Google Drive Folder is created for you to upload all of your materials for the project
  • You are added to your project in Asana, a project management tool 

3. Project Kickoff

Once everything is all set up and good to go we hit the ground running. We’ll keep track of everything in Asana, so nothing gets lost in an inbox.

This phase includes:

  • You upload all your assets and fill out your design survey
  • We review your design survey on an hour long call
  • We discuss possible solutions for your design problems

4. Design

When all the details are finalized I start working on your design. This is where your dream starts to turn into reality.

This phase includes:

  • Initial concept is presented
  • Two rounds of revision to make sure your design is perfect
  • You sign off on the completed design stating it’s ready for development

5. Development

After the design has been finalized we move over to the development phase. During this phase I check in with you periodically to keep you updated on the progress. I do most of the heavy lifting why while you relax.

This phase includes:

  • Develop your website on a test server to not interfere with your current website
  • Perform quality assurance testing to ensure the site works properly
  • The site is transferred to your server and maintenance instructions are given to you
  • You review the website on your server to ensure it matches the design
  • I offer content entry services to help add in the rest of your content

6. Launch!

Once development is complete your website is ready to launch! I assist you with any last minute things that need to get done and follow up with you after launch to make sure everything is good.

This phase includes:

  • 14 Day warranty begins
  • This warranty time is used to fix an urgent errors that come up because of the design or development of the website

Frequently Asked Questions

At the start of our project, I take a 50% non-refundable deposit. This deposit symbolizes mutual commitment to the project ahead. Depending on scope, projects contracted for less than $750 require the remaining 50% be paid before any final files are handed over. If your project is valued at over $750, 25% of the contracted price is collected at a predetermined midpoint, and the remaining 25% is due before any final files are handed over.

Clients who pay for services over $750 (excluding monthly support plans and hourly consultation) in full  prior to the start of the project will receive at 10% discount.

Monthly support plans and hourly consultation packages require payment in full prior to the start of the project.

I enjoy partnering with those who understand the value good design affords us all. Those who want to invest in both themselves and their businesses are my core client base. I’m located in Connecticut and work with many area businesses, but most of my clients are located in other parts of the US, as well as internationally. As long as we set up clear times to communicate with each other, we’ll work together smoothly.

It all depends on the scope and specific needs of your project. Many projects can be completed in 6-9 weeks. I’m generally booked up to a month in advance. Please get in touch to see when we can get started.

We work together closely during the design phase of the project, and it is my job to interpret your vision in a creative and concise way. Each package comes with a set number of revisions, and some packages include weekly status calls so we can collaborate in depth. Other time is spent communicating via email, Google Hangout, or text. I have yet to work with a client who wasn’t completely satisfied with their end product.

Absolutely! This is a key differentiator for the websites I produce. Depending on your comfortability, we work together to build a custom solution you’re able to manage. If you feel more comfortable with me updating your site, I offer website retainer packages as well. Simply reach out for a consultation.

A hard-to-use website is an ineffective website. Your website should be a tool to help convert visitors into customers or clients. Making it simpler for your audience to find information, fill out forms, or make purchases makes both them and you happy. Testing designs with a sample group of your target market can help make crucial design decisions that lead to conversion.

Customer service and professional experience are the differences between what I provide and what you can get elsewhere. I work via one-on-one consultation to ensure you get a custom solution specifically tailored to fit your brand. With years of experience and constant learning, my work is consistent and on par with industry standards. Many of these other, cheaper platforms don’t provide the same level of service or quality of product.